New “Phrase that Pays” Swag Bucks Twitter Promotion

March 31, 2009

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phrasethatpaysToday Swag Bucks has announced their new twitter promotion: The Tuesday Phrase that Pays.

This new promotion is similar to the #Swagbucks promotion (the daily chance to win 20 Swag Bucks by including #Swagbucks in your tweets), with a few exceptions.

You enter each Tuesday by including the Phrase that Pays (revealed each Tuesday on the Swag Bucks blog) in your tweets along with an @SwagBucks (so that the good folks at Swag Bucks will be able to see your tweet).  (If none of this makes sense to you you’re probably new to twitter… read about how to use twitter here:

The phrase has to be in context however, so you can’t simply add it at the end of every tweet.  You’ll have to take that swaggy phrase and use it in a sentence.

Here’s an example.  Today’s Phrase that pays is “Swagify“, so your tweet may be:

I decided to Swagify my wardrobe with a brand new @SwagBucks t-shirt.

The @SwagBucks does not have to be in the sentance though, like:

It’s cool to Swagify your browser with the Swag Bucks toolbar. @Swagbucks

The best news is that the prize for this promotion is a whopping 50 Swag Bucks!

You can still use the #Swagbucks promotion, in fact, why not use both and double your chances of winning? The TTPTP has replaced the #Swagbucks promotion.

Winner will be announced tomorrow.

Good luck!

Tuesday Phrase that Pays (from the Swag Bucks blog)

And for those of you who haven’t signed up for Swag Bucks yet, click here to start.

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