Missed today’s code (sorry) but the WeLoveSwagBOT caught it!

August 8, 2009

wlsbotfancyHi All…

We’re sorry to say we missed a code today.  :(

The good news is that the WeLoveSwagBOT caught it.

The WeLoveSwagBOT is a little fellow who hangs around reading every Swag Bucks Blog post, Twitter tweet, and Facebook message in the hopes of finding clues to those elusive and fleeting Swag Codes.  When he does come across something that looks Swag Codely, he tweets the url in his own WeLoveSwagBot Twitter feed.

If you haven’t signed up for twitter you really ought to.  In addition to the WeLoveSwagBot Twitter feed you can also get notified the latest WLSB code and hint alerts on the WLSB Twitter feed, and of course, keep up to the minute with Swag Bucks news on the official Swag Bucks twitter feed.

Refuse to cave and join twitter?  Okay, we won’t push it.  But be sure to check out our side bar (over there on the right).  Down a little ways, right under the Feeds you will see a heading for the WLSB Twitter feed then the WLSBot Twitter feed.  Each of these areas contains the three most recent tweets from WLSB and the WLSBot respectively.  The heading of each is a direct link to the respective Twitter pages, and you don’t need to be a Twitter member to view the complete list of tweets.

So start following the WLSBot on Twitter.  Start now!  You’ll be glad you did!

WeLoveSwagBot on Twitter

If the WLSBot helped you get today’s code please let us know!

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  • 1. Pengie Penguin  |  January 3, 2010 at 11:09 pm

    How does the swag bot work? Is it volunteers taking shifts looking or a scripted program?


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