New Amazon GC (and other prize) Limit

November 6, 2009

gclimitHi All…

Today Swag Bucks announced a redemption limit which effects all prizes in the Swag Store.  From now on we will be limited to redeeming a maximum of five of any one prize in any one calendar month.

This means that if you are used to getting a ton of $5 Amazon Gift Cards (like we are) you will now be limited to $25 worth per month.

As our name states, We Love Swag Bucks, but we have NO Love for this new limit.

What this means is that you used to be limited to $300 worth of $5 cards per month (maximum of 2 cards per day times an average of 30 days in a month) and now you are limited to $25 worth of $5 cards per month.  That is a reduction of over 90%.

So what are our options?

There are $25 and $50 Amazon Gift Cards in the Swag Store, but they cost 315 and 590 Swag Bucks respectively.  If you do some figurin’ you can see that these are much more expensive, in terms of Swag Bucks, than the $5 cards.

Denomination SB Cost SB per $
$5 45 SB 9 SB/$
$25 315 SB 12.6 SB/$
$50 590 SB 11.8 SB/$

Under the old limit of 2 cards per day you could theoretically get 60 cards in an average month.  At 45 SB per card that would give you $300 of Amazon cards for the cost of 2700 Swag Bucks.

Now with the current limits and prices, judging by the table above, your cheapest option to get the same amount of Amazon cards would be:

5 $5 cards (45 SB x 5 = 225 SB)
5 $50 cards (590 SB x 5 = 2950 SB)
1 $25 card (315 SB)
for a total of 3490 Swag Bucks. That’s a 30% hike in Swag Price, or put simply, you would need to earn an extra 790 Swag Bucks.  That’s a lot of Swag Bucks!  (In fact, under the old system 790 Swag Bucks could get you $85 in Amazon cards!)

Now, we don’t want to sound ungrateful.  Swag Bucks is, and has always been, awesome.  We’re not looking a gift horse in the mouth.  We want Swag Bucks to be around forever and we realize that changes sometimes need to be made.  We can certainly understand placing a limit on physical prizes that cost money just to store.

What we’re hoping is that the Swag Bucks Team will continue the precedent they have created in being good to, and listening to, the community that helped make them what they are today.

Please Swag Bucks, don’t limit the number of electronic prizes per month, or adjust the prices of the higher denomination cards so that they are at least close to the cost of multiple smaller denomination cards.

If you have something to say about this change and would like to let Swag Bucks know, visit the following discussion thread on the Swag Bucks Facebook page and voice your concerns:

New Amazon Gift Card Limit Discussion

Also, you may want to write to the Swag Bucks team at or The Swag Guy at and let them know that you’d “like it very much if they didn’t limit the number of electronic prizes per month, or if they would adjust the prices of the higher denomination cards so that they are at least close to the cost of multiple smaller denomination cards.”

Be polite, be honest, and tell them that you love Swag Bucks. :)

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4 Comments Add your own

  • 1. BK  |  November 7, 2009 at 4:28 pm

    I’ve never redeemed my SB for anything, but fully intended to save up for a Kindle at Amazon. If I ‘buy’ the limit of 5 amazon GC and don’t use them right away, will I still be able to buy another 5 next month? I am not buying the Kindle anytime soon, so this would work for me, but I just don’t want them to say “no you already have 5 un-used GC codes.” Thanks.

    • 2. None  |  November 7, 2009 at 6:00 pm

      When you redeem SB for Amazon cards you get a gift code that you then apply to your Amazon account. I currently have $35 applied to my Amazon account without problems.

  • 3. moon_tan  |  August 9, 2010 at 3:02 pm

    I think the 5 cards a month limit is just fine. i can only earn two $5 Gift cards through Swagbucks per month anyway. I prefer not to go into the Special Offers all the time.

  • 4. Chris Wade  |  November 16, 2011 at 6:21 pm

    I have hit that annoying 5 card limit, lucky it was two days before the end of the month, so not that big of a deal, but I wish they wouldn’t do this.


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