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We missed that code today (Dang!) but the WeLoveSwagBOT caught it!

wlsbotfancyHi All…

We’re sorry to say we missed a code today.  :(

The good news is that the WeLoveSwagBOT caught it.

The WeLoveSwagBOT, for those of you who have not been introduced, is a little fellow who hangs around reading every Swag Bucks Blog post, Twitter tweet, and Facebook message in the hopes of finding clues to those elusive and fleeting Swag Codes.  When he does come across something that looks Swag Codely, he tweets the url in his own WeLoveSwagBot Twitter feed.

If you haven’t signed up for twitter you really ought to.  In addition to the WeLoveSwagBot Twitter feed you can also get notified the latest WLSB code and hint alerts on the WLSB Twitter feed, and of course, keep up to the minute with Swag Bucks news on the official Swag Bucks twitter feed.

Refuse to cave and join twitter?  Okay, we won’t push it.  But be sure to check out our side bar (over there on the right).  Down a little ways, right under the Feeds you will see a heading for the WLSB Twitter feed then the WLSBot Twitter feed.  Each of these areas contains the three most recent tweets from WLSB and the WLSBot respectively.  The heading of each is a direct link to the respective Twitter pages, and you don’t need to be a Twitter member to view the complete list of tweets.

So start following the WLSBot on Twitter.  Start now!  You’ll be glad you did!

WeLoveSwagBot on Twitter

If the WLSBot helped you get today’s code please let us know!

Add comment December 2, 2009

Heads up!

omgHi All…

Just a heads up to let you know that today, Monday October 12, will be rife with Swag Codes!  The Swag Guy has promised no less than five codes today, and at least one code of an unprecedented, never before seen magnitude!  Keep you eyes peeled and glued to

  • the Swidget (click here)
  • the Toolbar (download and install here)
  • the Swag Bucks blog (click here)
  • the Swag Bucks twitter (click here)
  • the Swag Bucks facebook page (click here)

And today might be a perfect day to start following the WeLoveSwagBOT.

We’ll try to stay on top of things and get you the info as it arrives.  Typically though, on days with lots of Swag Codes we’ve experienced very short codes, in the range of 5 and 10 minutes.  Logistically WLSB cannot get the info out to you in time for these short lived codes, so we appologize and urge you to keep vigilant.

Good luck!

1 comment October 12, 2009

Toolbar Tips

Hi All…

We’ve had a few comments from folks having difficulties with the toolbar.  Like everything, it takes some time to get used to.  Here are some things to keep in mind when you are using the toolbar.

First off, there may be some delays in the From TSG messages for Firefox users.

Make sure you refresh your toolbar to see up to date Swag Bucks totals and Swag Bucks blog and twitter feeds by clicking the small arrow next to SWAGBUCKS and choosing Refresh Toolbar.

refreshYou can also refresh your From TSG messages by clicking the little green arrows at the bottom left of the message drop down.  If you know there is a new message, from tweets or a post here at WLSB, and it is not showing up in your drop down even after you refresh, click on the blue text that says “Message” at the very top of the drop down and you will be taken to the most recent message.  You can also visit this URL to see the most recent From TSG message (Thanks for the tip Bookie!).

fromtsgRemember that TSG promised a toolbar code every day in September.  That’s eleven more Swag Codes coming your way, so if you don’t have the toolbar installed, rush over here and correct your mistake.  Good luck everyone!

3 comments September 20, 2009

The New Swag Bucks Toolbar is here!

new-toolbarHi All,

The new Swag Bucks Toolbar has been released and is ready for downloading this morning, and wow what a toolbar it is!

Not only does it allow you to search from an easy always-available search box, it also brings all the important Swag Bucks links into one central and easy to access location.

From the new toolbar you can access the following:

  • Swag Bucks search
  • Your current Swag Bucks tally with a link to your account page
  • Messages (and Swag Codes!) from the Swag Guy
  • Ways To Earn
    • Search
    • Shop
    • Trade in
    • Invite Friends
    • Promote Banners
    • The Swidget
  • Prizes
    • The complete prize category list
  • Swag Bucks News
    • Swag Bucks Blog RSS feed showing the 10 most recent posts
    • Swag Bucks Twitter RSS feed showing the 10 most recent posts
  • Swag Bucks Social Media links
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Flickr
    • YouTube
  • More…
    • Do’s and Dont’s
    • FAQ
    • How it Works
    • Mega Swag Bucks
    • More Search & Win sites
    • Polls
    • Swag Codes
    • Swag Bucks Superstars
    • Winners Board
    • Winning Tips

In addition to all these quick links you have the ability to add local weather forcasts, an online radio player, Microsoft Office tools, an email notifier, plus a whole host of gadgets!

You can completely customize the toolbar to include whichever components you like and to exclude any you don’t find useful.

The icing on the cake is that it works in all three major browsers!

So run, don’t walk, over to the Swag Bucks homepage and install the new Swag Bucks toolbar.  If history has told us anything about Swag Bucks you can count on there being a Swag Code on this new toolbar today.

Get it, or regret it. :)

The new Swag Bucks Toolbar

11 comments September 1, 2009

Missed a late night code, but the WeLoveSwagBOT caught it.

Hi All…

We’re sorry to say we missed a code last night.  :(

The good news is that the WeLoveSwagBOT caught it

If you aren’t following the WLSBot on Twitter, start now!  You’ll be glad you did!

WeLoveSwagBot on Twitter

If the WLSBot helped you get the code please let us know!

Add comment July 28, 2009

Confused about Swag Code expiration? Introducing the CODE EXPIRES line.

confusedHi All…

Lately we’ve had a lot of comments being made on older Swag Code posts about problems people are having finding and entering the codes.  You can see a common theme of confusion and at times frustration becoming apparent in these types of questions and comments:

  • “It says the code is in affect on here, but go to put it in, and its expired.”
  • “I tried it like you said to enter, but it says “the code has expired” what do i do now??”
  • “Hey the codes didn’t work.  It said it was invalid.”
  • “Wow weird I got it but it said it was expired?”
  • “I found it but it says its expired”
  • “I found the answer and tried to enter the code …would not let me! ??”
  • “I dont get it tells me code expired. What am i doing wrong?”

etc… etc…

Swag Codes are a mysterious and enigmatic part of the Swag Bucks experience and can take some time to get used to.  First of all you need to know three things:

  1. What are Swag Codes?
  2. Where do you find Swag Codes?
  3. What do the messages mean when you enter Swag Codes?

All of these questions are answered in our tutorial Swag Code 101 (which was featured on the official Swag Bucks blog).  Click on the following link  to read the tutorial (then come right back :P ):

Swag Code 101

Once you have familiarized yourself with the intricate workings of Swag Codes you will be much better prepared when hints pop up on the WLSB blog.

Remember, Swag Codes are fleeting… they are always temporary, limited to a short time or a small number of users.  If you are reading a WLSB post that is even one day old chances are that any Swag Code mentioned has long since expired.

In an attempt to help people with this last point, a few weeks ago we began including expiration times in our Swag Code posts.  All of our Swag Code posts are based on the same basic template and near the end of each post, whenever possible, we include the CODE EXPIRES: line.

The CODE EXPIRES: line will only ever have one of two basic forms.  One for codes that have not expired, and one for codes that have expired.  Here’s an example of each.

Here is an example of a CODE EXPIRES: line which has not expired.  Notice it says CODE EXPIRES: in ___ and is counting down:


Here is an example of a CODE EXPIRES: line which has expired.  Notice it says CODE EXPIRES: ___ ago and is counting up:


The in and ago are the best ways to tell if the Swag Code for that particular post has ended.  Once the Swag Code has expired, we do our best to update the post with an EXPIRED: line at the very beginning of the post.  You can see this on all of our past Swag Code posts.

Finally we recommend you read our tutorial on Never Missing Another Swag Code to maximize your chances of catching those codes early.

Hopefully this sheds some light on expiry times for Swag Codes and will send less of you eager Swaggernauts on wild goose chases.  If you have any questions please leave a comment.

Good luck!

7 comments July 9, 2009

Get your Swag Name

swagnameAs we state on our Tips page, racking up referrals is the best way to rack up Swag Bucks.  Until lately that meant forwarding the ugly gagle of letters and numbers that was your referral link to your friends and family.

Our old referral link looked like this:

Not exactly the something we could rattle off off the top of our head when we met someone on the street (and even if we could who would remember it?).

Well all this has changed with the advent of Swag Names.

If you haven’t recently, log out of your Swag Bucks account and log back in.  You will be prompted to choose a Swag Name.  This new name will be your new referral link.  For example, our Swag Name is WLSB and our new spiffy referral link is

nice and neat!  Easy to remember for us and for our pals.

So if you haven’t already, go grab your Swag Name and start spreading the word to everyone you know about how rewarding, easy and fun Swag Bucks is.

Have fun!

14 comments May 25, 2009

Swag Code 101

As featured on! Welcome to all new visitors… we hope you like what you see and come back often for Swag tips and Code hints.


gimme-reflectWe get a lot of questions about Swag Codes.

Swag Codes themselves are elusive and mysterious little things, so it only makes sense that people run into some trouble from time to time finding and entering them.  We’d like to pause from our regular work of providing hints about where to find Swag Codes and give you some tips on getting those Swag Codes entered so you can be sure to receive your extra Swag Bucks.

First of all, what is a Swag Code?

A Swag Code is a promotional code for that will give you a few Swag Bucks when correctly entered on your My Account page.  They can be found on any of the official Swag Bucks pages (Facebook, SB Blog, Twitter, YouTube, and Flikr) and occasionally in the Swag Bucks Toolbar. They are available for either a limited time or for a limited number of users, so you need to keep your eyes peeled and act fast!

What do Swag Codes look like?  How will you know when you find one?

There are a few clues to keep in mind while hunting for Swag Codes.  The most obvious Swag Codes are announced as exactly that.  These dead give aways will look something like this:

Enter Swag Code “ANiceSwagCode” now to get 10 Swag Bucks!


The Swag Code is:”ANiceSwagCode”

A couple things to note about the Swag Code itself are that it is in quotes and there are no spaces between the words.  If you are on one of the official pages (see above) and you see something like this

The Swag Guy had a great time eating a “LargePepperoniPizza” today.

there is a good chance it is a Swag Code.  Hey, it can’t hurt to try it out.

Swag Codes aren’t always in quotes though, especially since the introduction of the anti-code-sharing codes.  Some times you will see a code that looks like this

Enter code SuperCodeJciUtkb73 for a free Swag Buck.

That string of gobbledy gook letters is a sure sign that you are staring at a Swag Code.

Once you find the code what do you do?

To enter your newly found Swag Code you need to get to either the Swag Bucks Home Page, or your My Account page by going to and clicking on either the My Account button in the top right hand corner, or on the large Swag Buck tally box on the right hand column of the page.  (If your browser is sporting the WLSB Swag Army Knife toolbar you can click on the Swag Bucks drop down and click My Account Page (Gimme!).)

It might be a good idea to bookmark your My Account page for quick access.  This link will bring you to your My Account page so you can bookmark it now.

On your Swag Bucks Home Page and My Account page you will see a box that looks similar to the one at the top of this post.  This is where you can ‘Enter your Swag Code‘ and click the Gimme! button.  If you’ve gotten the Swag Code correct and the time or user limit has not been reached you’ll be rewarded for your hunt.

How will you know it worked?

When you enter a Swag Code you will receive one of four possible messages.  These messages appear in a little red pop up box.  We’ll take a look at each and what exactly they mean.


The Swag Code you entered is correct, but unfortunately it has expired.  Dang!  Either the time limit or the user limit for the code has been met.  Remember that Swag Codes are a fleeting freebie;  they don’t last very long.  When you find one move fast!  The good news is that you got the Swag Code right!  You will live to Swag Hunt another day.  Rest assured in the fact that there are only two types of Swag Time:  times when there is an active Swag Code, and times when there is a Swag Code just around the corner.


The Swag Code you have entered is invalid.  This is not necessarily bad news.  If there is an active Swag Code out there this message should tell you to keep hunting, or to refine the Swag Code you have found.  Remember that Swag Codes are case sensitive.  Perhaps the code you found needs to be in ALL CAPS, Capitalized or in all lower case.  Maybe you need to take the spaces out between words.  Keep trying, the game is still afoot!


Waitaminit!  Don’t be greedy now ;) You’ve already successfully entered this Swag Code and they can only be used once.


CONSWAGULATIONS!  You did it!  You have successfully hunted for, found, and entered the Swag Code.  You are one (or maybe more) Swag Buck closer to great prizes.

97 comments May 15, 2009

WeLoveSwagBOT now reading Facebook

wlsbotfbIt took a long while to teach him to do it but the WeLoveSwagBot is now reading the Swag Bucks Facebook page.  This is not only a wonderful achievement for the WLSBot but also great news for those of us who depend on his never ending vigil to discover Swag Codes.

As you may have noticed, lately there have been more Facebook-only codes (codes that were not announced on the Swag Bucks blog or the Swag Bucks Twitter).   Many of us Swaggernauts are unable to camp out on the Facebook page and have to fall back on luck, hoping to see one when we do get a chance to visit.

The WLSBot is a camper in our stead.  Now we can drop by the Facebook page to see what’s happening and to say hi to all our fellow Swaggernauts, but if we don’t happen to be there when a Swag Code is announced we can depend on WLSBot to give us a heads up.  When you see FACEBOOK SWAG CODE? in a tweet from the WLSBot run (don’t walk) to the Swag Bucks Facebook page and check out what is happening.  How do you get tweets from the WLSBot?  Easy!  Start following him on Twitter:

Start following the WeLoveSwagBot on Twitter

For information and tips on navigating the Swag Bucks Facebook page click here.

And for those of you who haven’t signed up for Swag Bucks yet, click here to start.

Add comment April 27, 2009

Never Miss Another Swag Code

You read that right.  Today we’re unveiling our biggest tip yet and it will ensure you never miss another Swag Code… at least not while you’re sitting at the computer.

For those of you who are familiar with RSS and Aggregators, skip to the graphic below.

What if we told you that you could have a program that posted all the news from the WLSB blog and the WLSB and WLSBot Twitter pages in one place?  What if that same program also posted the latest entries from the official Swag Bucks blog, YouTube channel and Twitter page?  What if we told you that this program constantly checked all of these places for any updates, politely alerted you when a new post had been made, and gave you a link to the post?  What if it did all this in the background and interacted with you from a tiny icon in your system tray?

Sounds too good to be true?  It isn’t.

What all the above listed pages have in common is that their updates are available through an RSS feed, a simplified summary of a frequently updated webpage’s contents.

One of the great things about RSS feeds is that they are so easily handled, especially by a group of software programs referred to collectively as News Aggregators.  This fancy term simply means a program that takes news streams, in the form of RSS feeds, from many different places and puts them together in one place for you to access easily.


Armed with a good news aggregator and all your Swag Bucks RSS feeds, you can sit back and wait for Swag Code news to come to you. (more…)

30 comments April 16, 2009

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